Frankfurter Spicy Mix + fluid side

88,00 lei inclusiv TVA

MG Special Pack package is specially designed for anglers who want to roll by themselves the boilies mix.  It contains 2.5 kg of mix and 250 ml of liquid part (flavor, mixamino, CSL, molasses, minamino).

Mix Composition: famous Haith’s original ingredients (Robin Red, Nectarblend, and Prosecto) and ingredients with a high percentage of protein and digestibility: predigested fish meal, fish meal treated cold LT94, LT999 Supreme fishmeal, GLM, betaine, WPC, hydrolyzed soy.

Fishmeal mix has brought significant results in every season. Due to its high protein and digestibility of ingredients, the fishmeal mix it’s recommend both short fishing sessions and for competitions.


For soluble: mix the liquids (250 ml liquid part, 450 ml LDP, and 450 ml water). Then, gradually add boilies mix, stirring continuously. When the dough reaches the consistency of putty, the mix can be rolled. If extra mix will remain, can be thinned 50-50 LDP (sweet corn syrup) with water. So you can roll the entire quantity of mix.

For boilies: add 900 ml of egg instead of sweet corn syrup and water. This time, when the dough reaches the consistency of putty, the mix can be rolled and boiled. Recommended boiling time: in water until 10% of boilies rise to the surface or at steam 5 minutes for 1 kg of boilies. Tip: add the boilies when the water is already boiling.

In this case, if extra mix will remain, you can add in the liquid part the required quantity of egg.

From an MG Special Pack, you obtain about 3 kg of boilies.

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